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Introducing Maddie - Administrator Extraordinaire!

Hi everyone!

My name is Maddie and I am Dr. Bernard’s new clinical intern here at the Bernard Integrative Cancer Center. For the next few months, I will be working alongside Dr. Bernard as a clinical admin and student intern. You may see me submitting your direct billing or perhaps sitting in on patient appointments, so don’t be shy! I am currently a BSc Health Promotion candidate at Dalhousie finishing up my last semester! I have an immense passion for functional medicine and holistic healing and plan to embark on my own journey of becoming a naturopathic doctor in the near future!

I first met Dr. Bernard at Saje Wellness in Halifax where she offered a talk on burnout and stress. As a student who was in the depths of my degree, a talk on reducing stress seemed compelling to me. Immediately after the talk, I asked her about opportunities she may have that would allow me to shadow her once a week. Less than a year later, she has opened her own clinic where I am fortunately the student intern. When choosing my internship position, I chose to work with Dr. Bernard specifically because of her unique expertise. Much of what I have learned while shadowing her, I have been able to implement in my own personal healing journey. As a cancer survivor myself, Dr. Bernard has been a wealth of knowledge and a powerful teacher.

That said, I’m Maddie and I’m sure you’ll see lots more of me in the months to come! I will be answering emails for Dr. Bernard so if you have any questions/concerns send them my way at!

In happiness and health,

Maddie Lin

Note from Dr Bernard:

Maddie has been a HUGE asset to efficient patient care! She is also an incredible healthy baker (you may have tasted her treats at the open house) and you should hit her up for some fantastic recipes! She is dedicated to living her best life through nutrition, exercise, and enjoyment.