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Disclaimer: The content on this website is intended for informational purposes only. The information represents the opinion of Megan Bernard and does not replace professional medical advice. Before beginning any dietary, lifestyle, exercise, or supplemental regimen, consult your medical or naturopathic doctor. In cases of emergencies, visit your nearest hospital or call 911. 

IV Infusions

Optimizing the absorption of vitamins and minerals through direct delivery into the vein

Feel Energized, Faster. 

Intravenous therapy involves delivering nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, directly into the bloodstream. Dr Bernard has received extensive education, experience, and training in the delivery of nutrients for your particular requirements. The use of intravenous therapies is highly studied in integrative cancer care. 

What conditions can be addressed?
Common conditions addressed include malabsorption (for instance, bowel resections, irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel disorder), fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, colds/flus, and cancer.


How often will I require treatment?
The number and frequency of treatments vary case-to-case and is dependent upon the condition being treated and the individual. A common treatment plan is weekly for a month, then monthly until improvements are steady. Quite often patients receive infusions on a monthly basis or every few months. 


How will I feel during and after treatment?
Individuals feel relaxed during treatment. No pain should be experienced. If at any point you feel discomfort, you let Dr Bernard know and she makes adjustments accordingly. After the small prick felt at the insertion of the needle, you shouldn't feel anything painful. 

How you feel after treatment varies based on the individual. Most feel energized; however, it may take multiple treatments to achieve the full effects of the infusion. 


What are the costs?
Most IV infusions are billed as a $65 administration fee (covered by most extended health care insurance plans), in addition to a fee for the cost of supplies. The supplies fee varies based on treatment, but the most common bag (Reboot bag) is $40. 


For more information, schedule a complimentary 15-minute alignment call with Dr Bernard to discuss your potential treatment options. 

Common IV Formulas

Reboot (Myers Cocktail)

A combination of



B vitamins






Vitamin C

All recipes are formulated to your desired medical needs.

Several add ons depicted below can be added during treatment.

Reboot IVs are often used during and post-cancer for recovery

High Dose Vitamin C (IVC)

Vitamin C is given at doses of 25g and higher for cancer support.

At high doses, IVC acts as a pro-oxidant by increasing levels of hydrogen peroxide around cells, which decreases their access to energy, and induces cell death.

Vitamin C and Mistletoe can be administered in the same bag.


Mistletoe therapy safety and efficacy has been well documented with chemotherapy and radiation.

Mistletoe works through a multifactorial approach that includes boosting the immune system, causing cancer cell apoptosis (cell death), inhibiting angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth – the process by which cancer grows and spreads), and inhibiting cancer cell division.

IV Infusion Add Ons


Glutathione protects cells against damaging effects of free radicals. It is used for post-cancer recovery, liver support, and mitochondrial health (energy production). 


It is thought that the primary mechanism of action of Artesunate is reactive oxygen species generation from reactions between the Artesunate and Iron that has accumulated in tumor cells. Artesunate is often given with IVC.


Many patients are low in vitamin B12 because of stress, poor dietary habits, less than optimal digestion, or because certain medications deplete this key nutrient.