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Don't live nearby? No problem! Let's talk over the phone or by video

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Mon 8:30am-6:30pm

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Open Hours:



8:30am-6pm monthly

Disclaimer: The content on this website is intended for informational purposes only. The information represents the opinion of Megan Bernard and does not replace professional medical advice. Before beginning any dietary, lifestyle, exercise, or supplemental regimen, consult your medical or naturopathic doctor. In cases of emergencies, visit your nearest hospital or call 911. 


Looking to cut back on the sugar?

Let's make it easy

Sign up for my 2-week health reset. Feel less bloating, curb cravings, and feel energized following a simple 2-week meal plan with targeted supplementation.

Here's how it goes:

  • Before coming in for an initial appointment, send me a 5 day diet diary

​Initial appointment (45 mins):


  • Receive education on why and when to take your included supplements

  • Receive link to 2-week low-carb meal plan

  • Weigh in, waist/hips measurements

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Book a 20 min follow up for 2-3 weeks (phone, Skype, in person)

Follow up appointment:


  • Weigh in, waist, hips

  • Give recommendations for continued nutrition based off initial diet diary

  • Continue tracking food + exercise and send in to me for next 2 weeks

What's Included?


  • Shopping list and meal prep guide

  • Tips and tricks on how to curb hunger and cravings

  • Portioned for 2 people + leftovers

  • Developed for the working person who needs an easy lunch


  • Dr Bernard's Brews "Diges-TEA-ve" tea (gas & bloating)

  • Magnesium (full body support; 60 day supply)

  • Detox-Pro (liver support; 15 day supply)

  • Probiotics (gut health; 60 day supply)

  • Gymnema tincture (sugar cravings; 25 day supply)


  • Recommendations based on your personal cravings and nutritional needs

  • Exercise advice

  • Follow-up for 4 weeks


Supplements sold for $200

Meal plan sold for $100

Visit fees $370

Cost to you: $460 (savings of $210). Billable through most extended health insurance plans